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For the third year in a row, we are excited to offer FREE admission for pre-booked school groups who visit the North Dakota Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan! A generous gift from the MDU Resources Foundation and the Lewis & Clark Fort Mandan Foundation covers all school groups throughout 2018.

We offer powerful, multisensory learning experiences. Our museum exhibits, art displays, immersive Fort Mandan replica, hands-on interpretive programs, museum store, and trained interpretive staff are all coordinated to provoke curiosity and wonder about North Dakota heritage, helping students connect with North Dakota Studies themes when they're back in the classroom.

     The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center is a world-class museum in the heart of North Dakota featuring interactive exhibits about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Fort Clark and the fur trade, the journey of Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer, George Catlin, and our agricultural history from the early Mandans and Hidatsas to the present.

     The Museum Store offers affordable, kid-friendly items related to our themes. Students can bring home a reminder of what they learned, which often springboards additional learning.

     Fort Mandan is a fully-furnished replica that offers a glimpse back in time to the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

     Interpretive Programs use play, exploration, and all-around fun to connect your students with North Dakota Studies themes.

Plan an exciting expedition for you and your students! Details are on the reverse side of this letter. Additional info is available on the Plan Your Visit page of or by calling Rhonda at 701.462.8535. Schools have been calling already, so to secure your ideal day and time, contact us soon!

1. Choose:
     Preferred date/s and time/s (Allow up to 2 hr., 15 min. for your visit.)
     Desired visit elements
o     Visit the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center
o     Visit the Museum Store
o     Tour Fort Mandan
o     Enjoy an Interpretive program: pick your preference among
          Native Sports: Play sports from North Dakota tribes hundreds of years ago. Kids gain insights into everyday life at the time.
          The Fur Trade Game: A fateful card game revealing real events that happened to Fort Clark fur traders.
          Packing for the Expedition: Using authentic replicas, students compare and contrast the items Lewis and Clark packed for the Great American Adventure with what they might pack for a vacation today.
o     Picnic shelter reservation before or after your visit for a lunch break.

2. Call Rhonda, our Visitor Services Coordinator, at 701.462.8535 and let her know:
     Your choices from the checklist above
     Number in group (We recommend roughly 1 teacher or chaperone for every 10 students.)
     Grade level
     School's name, address, and phone number
     Contact person's name and email address
     Any other special needs of the group
Note: our schedule fills up fast, so call soon for the best chance at your preferred date and time!

3. Receive itinerary from Rhonda and confirm.

4. Brief chaperones. Due to reduced staffing, teachers and chaperones are asked to assist with guiding students in the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. Details provided with itinerary.

5. Arrive 10-15 minutes early at the location on your itinerary (Interpretive Center or Fort Mandan Visitor Center) so students can use the restrooms. Since daily schedules can become quite tight, late arrival could result in your students missing out on some of their planned activities.

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