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Fort Mandan
Fort Mandan desk
Lewis and Clark spent more time and met more people at Fort Mandan than anywhere else on the Expedition.

It was no remote outpost. They built Fort Mandan near five Mandan and Hidatsa towns with a combined population rivaling Washington, D.C., at the time.

Lakota, Arikara, Assiniboine, French-Canadian, British, and numerous other peoples met and traded at the five towns - the crossroads of culture and commerce on the Northern Plains.

Here Lewis and Clark met Sacagawea, Charbonneau, and Chief Sheheke. Here Sacagawea's baby Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau or "Pomp" was born.

Our full-scale, fully-furnished replica of Fort Mandan immerses you in the military, Enlightenment, Native American, French Canadian, and other cultures that converged at Fort Mandan.

The people Lewis and Clark met at Fort Mandan transformed the Expedition. Come and be transformed yourself!

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