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Catlin's Hunting Scenes & Amusements

Date: 4/7/2014 - 5/26/2014

The George Catlin portfolio Hunting Scenes and Amusements of the Rocky Mountains and Prairies of America will be on display April 7-May 26, at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. 

In late March of 1832, George Catlin boarded the riverboat Yellow Stone to begin an epic journey that stretched over 2,000 miles along the upper Missouri River. He visited eighteen tribes, including the Pawnee, Omaha, and Ponca in the south and the Mandan, Cheyenne, Crow, Assiniboine, and Blackfeet to the north.

During his journey he produced the most vivid and penetrating portraits of his career. George Catlin's experiences among the Mandan were unique in many respects.  He observed and made renderings of nearly every part of their culture, including religious ceremonies and rituals.