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Educational Info

Educational offerings at the Foundation's two interpretive sites offer you an impressive look into the Upper Missouri's rich history. 

Interpretive Center
The Interpretive Center's Lewis and Clark Gallery uses interactive displays and period artifacts to provide an overview of the expedition's journey and its Enlightenment beginnings. Additional Center exhibits present stories of the area's fur trade and agrarian heritage that place the expedition in its proper historical context. 

Fort Mandan
At the Fort Mandan Visitor Center, the Fort Mandan story takes center stage. The exhibit there will introduce you the Corps of Discovery's experiences among the local Native tribes right here in North Dakota during the winter of 1804-5. Each of these stories, contributing to our unique sense of place, will prepare you to visit Fort Mandan where you will learn more about the Lewis and Clark's mission and how it influenced the expedition's activities here. At all three sites, Interpreters are available to answer questions, provide more information, and help you tailor your visit to meet your needs.

Also during your visit, be sure to look for our Interpreter-led programs. These presentations take a variety of forms and are available to help you explore your current interests - or introduce you to new interests that will kindle your desire to learn.

Make plans to join us at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan to experience the fascinating history of this crossroads of culture and commerce!

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