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Mr. Bubble
Mr. Bubble: The Harold Schafer Story

Harold Schafer (1912-2001) is best known as the man who restored Medora, ND, the gateway village for Theodore Roosevelt National Park, but Medora was just the capstone of a brilliant career in business and philanthropy. Born in a tar paper shack near Stanton, ND, Harold Schafer began his life as a traveling salesman, and went on to create the Gold Seal Company, and to market his signature products, Glass Wax, Snowy Bleach, and Mr. Bubble, throughout the United States and beyond. Although he hobnobbed with Liberace, Perry Como, Jo Stafford, Arthur Godfrey, and Ronald Reagan, Harold devoted his life to helping others. By the time of his death in 2001 he had given away his immense fortune, and made Medora North Dakota's number one tourist destination.

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When the Landscape is Quiet Again
When the Landscape is Quiet Again: The Legacy of Art Link

Former Governor Arthur A Link has become virtually a mythic figure in the North Dakota consciousness. His father was an immigrant from the German Sudetenland, who homesteaded on the hardscrabble land of Northwestern North Dakota. Art Link was governor of North Dakota during the first great energy crisis in the 1970's.

The nation's thirst for new energy sources threatened that which Art Link loved most: the land. Governor Link insisted that North Dakota's energy development was in harmony with values deeper than mere extraction: stewardship, the agrarian ideal, the integrity of rural communities.

On October 11, 1973, Governor Link delivered what is widely regarded as North Dakota's "Gettysburg Address." His creed written in the margins of his prepared speech moments before he was introduced, is known by its opening phrase: "When the landcape is quiet again. This is the story of that man, that speech, and the landscape that inspired it.

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The Charisma of Competence
The Charisma of Competence: The Achievement of William L. Guy

The Charisma of Competence is the second documentary film by The Dakota Institute. It is the story of one of the most important governors in North Dakota history, a man who determined to change North Dakota from an essentially agrarian place to a modern state with a diversified economy. He championed in-state coal fired electrical generation plants, sparked the dormant State Bank of North Dakota back into life, and helped create a vibrant sugar beet processing industry in North Dakota.

Bill Guy was elected Governor of North Dakota four times. He was not a spellbinding public speaker or a flamboyant political leader, but he had what historian Larry Remele has called "the charisma of competence."

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